Sunday, March 29, 2009

TaKeN @ SiNgLe!-aMeK Dr nAnA..jGn mRh eK..hUhU..

1) Taken or Single?

sINgle BUt aKaN availabLE..ahak..:P

2) Do you like it?

OF cOzLa..ekeke:P

3) Would you kiss your ex again?

YuP..bUt dA XdE Ar..

4) Have you ever had your heart broken?

YuP,msTiLaH pNh..:P

5) Do you believe certain circumstances where cheating is ok?

I DoNt kNoW!nO KuMeN..aHaKs! :p

6) Are you missing anybody right now?

yes!!RiNdU BaNgAt lOrH! :-B

7) Do you want kids?

MaHuLaH..wLuPoN aKu xSKe sGt BdAk'S2 nEh..:p

8)Would you consider adoption?

mandul leh lah..

9) If someone likes you would you want them to tell you?

BgTaW jeLa...Pe sSaH..tP AkU AkOo XLakU..jGn mMpI Nk dPt

10) Do you wish you were with your crush/​​boyfriend or girlfriend right now?

:: yurp!! :p

11) Do you want someone you cant have?

NaKLa..Tp xde jodoh..ahaks..ada hikmahnya NnT..

12)Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?

oF CoZ YuRp!

13) Do you like someone right now?

AhAkS..mStiLaH!tP Yg nI AgK gLEr SkEt!

14) Do any of your Ex's still have feelings for you?

aDeR,tP BiArLa...AkU MlS nK AmEk tAw..AdEr pN,bKn b'1 BlIk!WaT PnG AkOo jErK!

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and must be withi​n 20 minut​es

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